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About Pupil Support


Developing the school as a secure emotional base for all pupils on an everyday basis is the responsibility of all the staff, enabling young people to see us as a stable reference point in their lives.

The Pupil Support system provides an important dimension of education for personal and social development in addressing the individual pastoral needs of young people relating to, for example, work, community liaison, subject choices and personal concerns. This important role in the personal development of each learner is developed through the individual relationships formed with young people in the course of personal interviews.


We are committed to the education of the whole child and recognise that each child has intellectual, moral, physical and social needs. In order to meet these needs we believe that we must provide the best possible conditions for learning for all our pupils.  A school ethos based on values such as respect, love, trust, justice and integrity is central to our approach to Pupil Support.

We believe that learning is a collective as well as an individual responsibility and that all members of our school community are responsible for their own achievements and contribute to the achievement of others. It is, therefore, essential to have Pupil Support structures which exemplify and embody our philosophy of valuing all pupils as individuals and as members of the community of Dunblane High School.

Structures based on the best interests of the pupils have been put in place to translate this philosophy into action.  The integrated provision of pastoral care and learning support within our Pupil Support structures has resulted in a holistic approach to providing support for individual pupils.  It is also proving to be effective in addressing class, year group and whole school issues.

Peer group issues which can adversely affect the progress of pupils are addressed by teams of Pupil Support Teachers within a horizontal system.  With a strong emphasis on pro-active methods which anticipate the support our pupils will require, the approaches adopted by our Pupil Support Faculty acknowledge the fact that all young people need support some, if not all of the time, during their school career.

The quality of the relationships which exists between pupils and teachers is vital to the emotional security and growth of pupils as well as their learning.  Named Pupil Support and Registration (PSR) Teachers, working in year group teams, actively promote good relationships between teachers and pupils and between pupils themselves.  However, it is the responsibility of every adult in the school to exemplify good relationships in all interactions with pupils.



  • Dunblane High School endorses Stirling Council’s Pupil Support Policy.
  • Pupils have the right to learn in a safe, secure, healthy and happy environment.
  • The interests of the pupils are paramount at all times.
  • In keeping with the philosophy of Social Inclusion, we believe that all pupils are entitled to an inclusive education.
  • Pupils’ views are taken into account in all matters affecting them.
  • Partnership with parents/carers is essential in ensuring that all pupils receive the appropriate
  • support to reach their potential.



  • To provide an integrated support service to all pupils by effective teamworking among Pupil
  • Support Teachers, Support for Learning Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Support Staff, SMT and the Wider Community.
  • To work closely with parents in supporting their children.
  • To support pupils at all times of transition, beginning with the transition from primary to secondary.
  • To monitor the progress and achievement of pupils in all aspects of their development.
  • To adopt pro-active strategies to prevent problems arising and to provide a fast,flexible and effective response if they do.
  • To use a range of early intervention strategies to support pupils with emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties.
  • To adopt a coherent inter-agency approach as appropriate.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to celebrate their success.
  • To contribute to learning and teaching and raising achievement on a whole school basis.
  • To put into practice our philosophy of Pupil Support within the context of Stirling Council’s policies of Pupil Support, Attendance, Child Protection, Substance Abuse, Early Intervention, Raising Achievement and all other related policies.

Please click below for our DHS Pupil Support Policy which includes information on;

  • PS Structure & PSR Teachers
  • Support for Learning
  • Monitoring Progress & Attainment
  • Positive Behaviour & Anti-Bullying