S4 Health & Wellbeing Day – January 2016

On Monday the 11thof January, S4 took part in a range of sessions which promoted positive Health and Wellbeing. The day began with a talk from Dee Bleakley (motivational speaker), who spoke about effort and challenge and encouraged students to strive for success. S4 learned about managing stress and had the opportunity to try out some approaches to stress reduction, such as mindfulness and the emotional freedom technique with Linda Mcauslan (Livilands Resource Centre). Students participated in a Perceptions About Learning seminar delivered by Mrs Sadek, Ms Reid, Miss Harte and Mrs Hook. Aileen Crawford (Skills Development Scotland) led an interactive presentation on the range of career pathways that lie ahead of S4. Finally, students enjoyed an energetic Box Fit session coached by Mr Ross. Thank you to all session leaders for providing such informative and enjoyable workshops.