Year Group





  • Footballs- Set up a way of managing footballs so that each year group has their own ball and are responsible for it
  • Clock- Have a clock outside the main entrance or pupil entrance so people can see the time and the S1’s believe it would improve the cosmetics!
  • P7 Induction- To try and come up with a smoother and easier transfer from primary to secondary for the P7’s. This will link in with the project they have set.
  • Hangers in classroom- To have hangers in classrooms so that jackets and outdoor jackets can be placed there as opposed to backs of the chairs
  • Lockers in corresponding social areas- To change the locker areas so that an S1 locker is not in an S6 are


  • S2 Social Area
  • A clock for the Astroturf
  • Improving school canteen
  • Make internet access fairer and less restrictive
  • Improve seating in the school, particularly during lunch
  • Purchasing required equipment for Art, Music and PE



  • Social Areas
  • Fundraising (Charity and departments)
  • Lunch Improvements
  • Clubs: Larger variety and possible clubs ran by pupils


  • School canteen- Links in with the PC project set
  • Subject Choice at S5


  • Common Room
  • School Canteen
  • Extra Curricular
  • Supported Study


  • School Canteen
  • S6 Social Space
  • Recognition for committees in the school
  • S6 Life in the school