"The Pupil Council means a voice for everyone and since it is our school, we should have a say in what happens" (S1 Rep)

"I wanted to be part of the Pupil Council because I liked knowing what was going on within the school and wanted to try and get new objectives for us" (S4 Rep)

"The Pupil Council means a chance to have my views heard" (S4 Rep)

"I enjoy being in Pupil Council because all the representatives get on really well and we all have great ideas" (S2 Rep)

"I really enjoy being in the Pupil Council because it is really fun and a good thing to be a part of. I feel like I have done something good and it is an achievement. Its nice to chat about the school and to be listened to" (S1 Rep)

"I enjoy having a say in what happens in our school. I like putting forward my own and my classes ideas. It's a great way to get involved in what’s going on in our school" (S2 Rep)

"The Pupil Council is a great way to make sure our views are heard and acted on. It makes the school pupil based and it is good that we get a say in running our school" (S2 Rep)

"I like trying to make good changes in the school/ our year. It is good to get pupil's point of view in terms of what they want" (S4 Rep)

"The Pupil Council is about being a voice for your class"
(S1 Rep)