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Modern Studies


Advanced Higher Modern Studies allows pupils to develop their research and investigative skills within the context of Comparative Politics.  The Course consists of two Units: Political and Social Issues, andPractical Research


Study Theme 2: Law and Order and Research Methods

This Study Theme is based on a study of the following contexts:

Context A: Rights and Responsibilities in relation to Law and Order in the UK

Context B: The Causes and Effects of Crime in the UK

Context C: Responses to Crime in the UK

Context D: Penal Systems in the UK.

In addition to the content candidates also examine case studies in order to gain a better understanding of political and social science research methods and to help in their own practical research (dissertation).


In the Practical Research Unit students carry out a related in-depth study and write a dissertation on it.  This work is designed to enhance research and presentation skills and encourage the more sophisticated skills of source analysis, sustained reasoning and independent study.


Modern Studies also contributes to personal and social development.  In particular, the course addresses the issue of rights and responsibilities, including those of citizens in a democratic society, and examines the moral and ethical responsibilities of individuals.