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Physical Education

S5 and S6 - Intermediate 2/Higher

The development of performance is the prime focus of the Higher Course in Physical Education. Practical experiential learning provides the opportunity to develop high standards of performance and the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for this development.

Candidates have the opportunity to study Physical Education at a challenging level and to develop critical and imaginative practice in order to achieve an understanding of performance and the ways in which it can be developed.  The course is built around two key units. These are Performance and Analysis and Development of Performance.

Performance Unit

In this unit the highest performance marks in two out of three activities (hockey/football, badminton or basketball) count towards achieving a unit pass in performance and to the overall course award.

Analysis and Development of Performance Unit

Preparation of the Body (Hockey/ Football):        

Skills and Techniques (Badminton):
Structures, Strategies and Composition (Basketball)

For Int 2 Physical Education both units count and have equal weighting.

In Higher Physical Education Practical Performance is 40% and Analysis and Development of Performance is 60% of the overall mark.