Art and Design


Introduction / Rationale

The purpose of the Art and Design Curriculum is to enrich the pupils’ life by-

  • providing opportunities to be creative
  • developing skills in art and design to facilitate creative self-expression
  • developing an understanding and appreciation of visual culture, past and present
  • developing appreciation of the visual world through perception

At the heart of the art curriculum lies creativity but a number of other desirable qualities are also developed in our pupils such as- independent thought, organisation skills, self -reflection, self-confidence 

Pupils take part in a wide range of activities in S1 to S3, starting with basic drawing skills such as line and symmetry (skills which are built on throughout the course), and moving through the other visual elements with exercises in colour theory, texture, pattern and form.  The themes through which we teach these elements are flexible and often offer an element of choice for pupils; further encouraging creativity, individuality and enjoyment.


A number of inter-disciplinary initiatives have been incorporated into the course and serve as valuable methods in emphasising the importance of the subject within a wider context.

Learning and teaching strategies are based around the following methods; description of lesson aims; explanation of criteria for success; teacher demonstration; time for individual work; individual support (all pupils will have one to one dialogue with their teacher during each lesson); self evaluation and review and improvement.


S1 (CfE Level 2/3)

Unit 1- Exploring Visual Elements

Unit 2- Exploring Media

Unit 3- Discovering the Renaissance

Unit 4- Me, Myself and I (self-portrait, autobiographical project)

Homework 1- Drawing around the Home, Design in my Environment 

S2 (CfE Level 3)

Unit 1- Objective Drawing

Unit 2- Expressive Activity (from landscape, figure composition)

Unit 3- Design Activity (from textile/pattern, graphics, three dimensional design)

Unit 4- After the Renaissance

Homework 2- Drawing around the Home, Design in my Environment

S3 (CfE Level 4, SQA National 4)

Unit 1- Expressive Activity (still life)

Unit 2- Design Activity (from fashion, graphic design, three dimensional design)


Formal assessment in S1 and S2 takes place at the conclusion of each unit. National Curriculum for Excellence criteria is applied.

Formal assessment in S3 takes place at the conclusion of each unit. National SQA criteria are applied. Pupils who do not meet the criteria for National 4 will be presented at National 3.


Pupils who successfully complete the BGE S1 to S3 may progress to the National 5 course and beyond.