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Art and Design


Art and Design provides opportunities to develop aesthetic understanding, creativity and visual awareness, knowledge and appreciation. It encourages candidates to use a range of media and technology to understand, appreciate and respond to their world. The Course promotes creative thinking, encourages independent thought, initiative, innovation, problem solving and the development of personal opinions.

We offer two AH courses-

Expressive Advanced Higher

Design Advanced Higher

Each course has one mandatory Unit and the choice of one of two optional Units.

Expressive Advanced Higher Mandatory Unit

DV3F 13

Art and Design: Expressive Enquiry (AH)

2 credits (80 hours)

Optional Units

One selected from:

DV38 13

Art and Design: Design Activity (AH)

1 credit (40 hours)

DV3G 13

Art and Design: Visual Arts Study (AH)

1 credit (40 hours)

Design Advanced Higher Mandatory Unit

DV3H 13

Art and Design: Design Enquiry (AH)

2 credits (80 hours)

Optional Units

One selected from:

DV37 13

Art and Design: Expressive Activity (AH)

1 credit (40 hours)

DV3J 13

Art and Design: Design Study (AH)

1 credit (40 hours)

For each option, all candidates will produce a folio of work for the mandatory unit plus an additional folio for the optional unit or alternatively, a dissertation.

Practical folios will show evidence of research and investigation in drawing and other media, development of ideas showing experimentation and refinement, and realisation of one or more outcomes.

The dissertation will relate to the mandatory practical folio and show evidence of knowledge of the selected topic, analysis, critical evaluation, personal opinions and a consideration of the relationship with the candidate’s own practice.